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Scrubbing, NOT Just Rinsing, is the best way to Clean most Fruits and Vegetables.

Brush Away Contaminants and Impurities as you WASH your Fruits and Vegetables.

cartoon brushMost Sanitation Experts agree that scrubbing produce with a brush is a good idea. The friction will likely knock off more nasty stuff, especially the stuff hiding out in nooks and cranies.

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Scrub and Wash for Cleaner, Healthier Produce!

To remove impurities and contaminants "SCRUBBING" "NOT JUST RINSING" is the best way to clean most fruits and vegetables.

This washable brush by CLEANWAY® is made with EXTRA FIRM, FLEXIBLE BRISTLES for Fruits and Vegetables that need and should be "Scrubbed N' Washed" Vigorously and Rinsed Thoroughly.

"Keep a Brush handy at your kitchen sink."

Be Sure to Buy Several For Your Own Use and to Give as Unique Functional Gifts For Any Occasion

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